The Lord wants you to take care of the poor, not to despise them. God is saying to you now, do not despise the poor again if you have been doing so in the past. He placed them around you for a purpose, and He said;
Deuteronomy 15:11 “For the poor will never cease out of the land; therefore I command you. You shall open wide your hands to your brother, to your needy, and to your poor in your land”. The Lord who created heaven and earth has said that their must continue to be the poor around you. And He has commanded you to open your hands to help them, even to your brothers and neighbours. God said, you should not despise them. In fact, He has a good plan for you in doing this, because it is in giving that you will receive. Your time of lifting has come.
Proverbs 28:27 “He who gives to the poor will not want, but he who hides his eyes (from their want) will have many a curse”. It is now obvious that as you give to the poor, there shall be no curse upon you. This is because God will not allow it to come your way in other to honour His word. And as long as you will continue to obey Him, you will continue to be in abundance and shall not lack. God is committed to bless you. Proverbs 19:17 “He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord and that which he has given, He will repay to him”. As you delight in the well-being of the poor, by giving to their needs, the Lord will also take delight in your own well-being that you will lack nothing. The scripture said that God will repay. Do you think that God will only repay in the same measure? NO! He will repay you in a hundred-fold. God is not a user of man. Whoever He uses, He must glorify. So try Him today. But those who despise the poor, the Lord will judge them.
Deuteronomy 24:14 “You shall not oppress or extort from a hired servant who is poor and needy, whether he is of your brethren or of your strangers and sojourners who are in your land inside your towns”. You are not supposed to oppress the poor for any reason, because God placed them there for you to extend your hand of mercy and to show love to them. No matter the tribe he comes from, God will not be happy with you if you despise him. God placed the poor there to prove your mercy on them as He is a merciful God. God is warning you before His anger will come.
James 5:4 “(But) look! (Here are) the wages that you have withheld by fraud from the labourers who have reaped your field, crying out (for vengeance); and the cries of the harvesters have come to the ears of the Lord of hosts”. The cries of the poor labourers have reached God for vengeance. Therefore it is not wise for you to invite the anger of God by oppressing the poor because of worldly riches. The anger of God is coming upon all that defraud and oppress the poor, just because they are poor and helpless. Please, refrain from it for the Lord is coming to plead their cause now. Proverbs 22:22-23 “Rob not the poor (being tempted by their helplessness) neither oppress the afflicted at the gate (where the city court is held). For the Lord will plead their cause and deprive of life those who deprive (the poor or afflicted)”. A word is enough for the wise. Do not despise the poor because of their helpless situation, for God is there to plead their cause. Who can withstand the anger of God? No one! In this scripture, the Lord will repay by taking away their life, and when the oppressors die, the poor will then inherit their wealth / riches. Do not love riches to oppress the poor and the afflicted for the anger of the Lord will be unbearable. It is known that when you oppress the poor and the afflicted, you are rejoicing or taking pleasure on their helpless situation or condition. Therefore, refrain from such evil and wickedness against the poor and all the people, and the Lord will see you through. Look at this scripture, and be warned of God’s anger upon all evil doers. (Nahum 1:6 “Who can withstand His indignation? Who can endure His fierce anger? His wrath is poured out like fire; the rocks are shattered before Him”).
41:1-2 “Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is he who considers the weak and the poor, the Lord will deliver him in the time of evil and trouble. The Lord will protect him and keep him alive; he shall be called blessed in the land; and God will not deliver him to the will of his enemies”. The man that takes care of the weak and the poor, the Lord will bless that when people see it they will call him BLESSED. Not only that, He will protect him from every evil and trouble. The Lord will not only bless and protect, but He will give him long life and good health. Beloved, when you consider and take care of the weak, poor and afflicted, the Lord will not allow the will of the enemy to prosper in your life. This is when the scripture that says, (No weapon formed against you shall prosper) will begin to work for you.
Therefore, delight in obeying the word of God, and do not despise the poor, it shall be well with you in Jesus name – Amen.
God bless you. (All scriptures, AMPLIFIED Bible).