This is the Difference

The difference seems slight to people, but it is clearly more than big. We want to see the difference between Christianity and Religion in its clear context. Both teachings anchor on FAITH and BELIEF.
The question is who are we believing in, the Living or the dead? Are we believing, the Living God or are we believing the dead prophets or messengers? I use the word prophet for all the messengers sent by God to this world to minister philosophy and religion to His people. They made men to be conscious of life after death (heaven or hell). That there is a better and permanent home than this place and that here is a temporary world where everything is passing by
Beloved, these dead prophets have done good things to our society in those days to bring sanity, according to their perception and mandate from God to reform the society. But that does not make them God to be worshipped. Today they are dead, but the Living God who sent them is still alive. Why have people turned away from who the prophet was worshipping, to worship the prophet? Did the prophet ask them to worship him? Did he say that he is God? or Did he declare, that he is the way to God Almighty? Think wisely before it is too late, for there is no repentance in the grave or for the dead. Make haste and join us to worship the only Living True God who created us and gave us life to use it to worship Him. (Romans 1:25 Who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped and served the creature (prophet) rather than the Creator (God), who is blessed forever. Amen.) People should turn away from worshipping dead people and worship the Living God, who is praised and blessed forever – Amen
I want you to know that those who worship the dead are like them. That is religion. But those who worship the Living God are alive because their God is alive. That is Christianity. And the Living God said that it is only the living who should praise and worship Him.
We bear the name Christians, which means Christ-like. Jesus Christ declared it that we should worship God through Him. He said that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. That no one comes to God except through Him. (John 14:6). Not-withstanding that, Jesus Christ is the SAVOIUR of the world, not a messenger or a prophet like others. He came from heaven to save me and you. He suffered, was bruised, crowned with thorns, crucified and was buried. But on the third-day He rose again from the grave. After resurrection He preached the word of God for about forty days before ascending back to heaven where He came from. And He assured us that He is coming back soon to gather as many that believed in Him to heaven, both the living and the dead. Beloved, is this not more than enough for the difference? How many of the messengers or prophets you have heard of, rose again from the dead? How many of those you have heard of, did people witness ascending to heaven? Practically none!
God Almighty sent JESUS CHRIST, when He saw that the people are worshipping Him but in a wrong WAY. Jesus Christ came only to sacrifice His life to show us the WAY to worship God and to have eternal life (heaven). God declared that who ever believes in Jesus Christ should have everlasting life. (John 3:16). When you have seen the new and the right WAY, why are you still holding on to the old one which will not benefit you anything, but rather lead to destruction. Why must people continue to wallow in ignorance where knowledge abounds.
Beloved, do you believe that there is heaven and hell? And do you know that this world is not created by those prophets whom some people worship? As I said earlier, those prophets did a good job to our society as some of us are doing today. These works do not qualify us or them to be worshipped as God, but they can be honored and not worshipped as it is being done these days by many people in most religions. They have denied the worship of God and replaced it with worshipping dead peoplee as quoted in the scripture above. This is absolutely wrong because these people who are being worshipped did not institute it on or before their death, but it is men’s ulterior motives that have created this soul destruction and anger of God against man. Beloved, there is need for a change, because nothing is static, we are in the world of change where everything is changing. Search for the best and hold on to it, so that you will not have anyone to blame if you find yourself in the hell fire. Don’t be ignorant of these things you are reading now. Do not say you have not heard, for today is your appointed day of salvation.
Heaven is real and hell is real. God created all for His own glory. Heaven is for those who hear the WORD of God and believe it, while hell is for those who harden their heart against the WORD of God.
If a great man of high philosophical knowledge, with a religious understanding, and a teacher with a difference will say, “RUN YOUR SALVATION WITH DILIGENCE””, why then should men turn to worship dead people (men) instead of the Living God, whom SALVATION belongs to Him! And today God has made the salvation package easy for us, in the form of His Only begotten Son “Jesus Christ”. Just believe in Him and you are SAVED. The days of struggling
Turn to God today; heaven is open for you, less you perish. It is the will of God for you to enjoy life here and eternity to come. God said, His thought for you is good not evil or bad to bring you to a better future. (Jeremiah 29:11).
Beloved, the great difference is “JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH”” who died for us. There are NO TWO WAYS to heaven (eternity), but ONE, and that is Jesus Christ
Now, you have known the TRUTH, the truth shall set you free. (John 8:32). Also as you have heard God’s WORD, harden not your heart. (Hebrews 4:7). Do not disbelieve and reject what is right/true because of your old belief or life. God is merciful and loving to all that come to Him through Jesus Christ.
Come to God today. He will welcome you with His goodness and mercy and your life will change to better in Jesus Christ name – Amen..